Teno Energy Ltd

Woodberry Down

Notting Hill Genesis Housing Association and Hackney Council  

(2011 – 2013 and 2017 - ongoing) 

Project Summary

The district heat network at Woodberry Down in Hackney is a large residential construction project with the long term aim of providing affordable heat and hot water to over 1,000 homes.  

Initial connections were to NHGHA owned properties with heat supplied through block base CHP units.  The project is now coming to the stage where it will start to build an energy centre to supply energy to the whole estate and Hackney Council are keen to be involved in managing the future of the project. 

Tina Buchanan has been involved in the project over a number of years with several discreet projects providing support and advice to NHGHA and Hackney Council at different stages in the project development.  This support has included: 

Notting Hill Genesis Housing Association 

Hackney Council 


Stockethill Energy Centre

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