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Heat Tariff Assessment

There are three elements to define a heat tariff: the basis of the calculation; the method of charging; and the collection of income. Each element plays a vital role to balance customer service with a viable commercial model.

Financial feasibility modelling
The viability of a heat project can be determined by financial modelling using industry standard data or energy modelling conducted by engineers.

Operational budgets
Operational budgets are essential to determine heat tariffs and to monitor the performance of the scheme against actual outputs. These budgets review past performance of schemes if the data is available and will contain detailed assumptions of income and costs.

System performance reviews
Data monitoring is key to the successful management of heat networks; checking to ensure that all customers are paying for the heat received; identifying high and low usage users to enable support where required; and validating that the system is operating as it should.

Business Cases
Funding applications for capital finance require a full business case to accompany the financial modelling and engineers reports. Teno Energy creates the requisite business case documentation to support funding applications.

VAT Recovery
Recovery of VAT on capital projects requires that the business is appropriately structured and that specific methods of charging for heat and hot water are used. Teno Energy has a successful track record of negotiations with HMRC for VAT recovery on heat networks.

With over eleven years of direct experience of running the finances of District Heating Networks, Tina Buchanan is available to present to those considering such a project, with a number of case studies on tariff setting and the financial operation of heat networks.

With over a decade of experience of running the financial operations of District Heating Networks, Teno Energy can provide a hand holding support, from the initial idea of developing a heat network, through development, construction and commissioning and onwards to a successful operation.

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